Easter Frittata

Easter Frittata

Easter frittata is a traditional dish we make each year and it is the star of Easter dinner. The recipe comes from my mom’s family in Italy and it remains mostly unchanged from its beginning. The recipe originally called for dried sausage but that somehow translated to pepperoni once it reached the US. I’m sure there are different variations out there in my family today, but my mom insists on staying true to the original recipe her brother taught her so many years ago. If the recipe below is more than you want to tackle, just reduce the amount of eggs (and filling). This is the perfect dish to make if you want to experiment with different ingredients and flavors because you can add just about anything to the eggs. It’s a really quick dish when you’re only using 8-10 eggs. It’s perfect for brunch or unexpected company and you can even make it vegetarian if that is your preference.

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